how to ace interviews online.


An interview is defined as a formal and well detail-oriented conversation between the interviewer (one who takes the interview and asks questions) and the interviewee (one who gives the interview answers to their questions). It is a vital tool to check the personal and professional qualities of manpower coming to join an organization or company, consequently, it should be done appropriately. A lot of organizations, companies and sectors adopt an interview as a way of getting the best people to work in their place. An interview is a primary thing that serves as the process of analyzing the interviewee’s job-oriented proficiency, capabilities, and technicalities to the employer. As a result that, the recruiter decides who is eligible for the position or who is not eligible for it.

Interviews can be open-ended, structured, unstructured and free-flowing conversations without predetermined questions. It usually has limited duration for the process. Many years ago, interviews were mostly done face to face (traditional method), but now, because of technology, it is vastly done online either by Zoom, Google meets or any other App that the organizations decide to use. 

The objectives of the interview include the following;

• It helps to verify the precision of the provided data and documents by the candidate seeking a position or job.

• It does not only assess a candidate’s skills but also check their suitability for the position in the organization. It provides the candidate with general facts and descriptions about the hob and the organization/company.

• Through the interview process, the recruiter will be able to know about the candidate’s skills, information of the candidate, check and confidence in their body language. So, for an interviewee to pass an interview especially an online interview, there are various ways to ace interview online and they include;

• Positioning yourself in a conducive environment: You will try as much as possible to be in a well-lit, quiet, clean space with a good internet connection for you to do well in your interview, you have to prepare yourself well at least one or two days before the interview because whatever you do on the day of the interview is what the recruiter will use to judge your application. Seek internet connection to avoid unnecessary logging out, breaking off your voice and bad signal.

• Dress properly: This is one of the most important aspects of preparing for an interview. As an interviewee, you have to dress properly before the panel of recruiters as this will determine how prepared and suitable you are for the position.

• Be authentically yourself: Here, you do not need to lie about yourself as whatever you say will be used to qualify you in the future, so you have to be truthful to the recruiters.

• Be Punctual: the interviewee should be online 10 to 15 minutes before the stipulated time she or he has with the recruiters, as most of the recruiters will not tolerate any form of late coming, also it shows you will be early at your work when employed.

• Listen Carefully: When you are doing your interview, you have to listen and understand what the recruiters ask to avoid answering off points or giving unnecessary information. Also, do not interrupt the interviewers, allow them to finish what they are asking you before you start to give your answers.

• Believe in yourself: this is important as you know that the interview determines if you will be chosen by the organization, you have to do something that will impress the interviewers. Always, put up a smile throughout the interview and look at the interviewer especially when you want to answer your questions. 

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