We are a global, grassroots movement comprised of volunteers from 110+ nations aiming to bring students, young professionals, and allies together to create a common platform to spread awareness about COVID-19, share ideas and collaborate in tackling the pandemic.

“When one part of our team sleeps, the other part wakes up, so incredible work is always being done!”

– Adriana Viola Miranda, Indonesia

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We are a team of 1700 + Students, Young Professionals, and Allies which include Undergraduate Students, Physicians, High School Students, Medical Students, Law Students, Engineering Students, PhD candidates, Physicists, Engineers, Nursing Students, and many more spread over 110 + Countries across the globe .

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#Students_Against_COVID (SAC) has a number of exciting ways for you to become part of this global student & ally movement. People from all ages and backgrounds are welcome– you do NOT need to be a student to join (in fact, ~20% of us are no longer/not students). We would love to have you join in any way you feel most comfortable!