Translated Flyers

COVID-19 Translated Flyers

Our translation team translates original SAC educational flyers into as many languages as we aim to increase access to credible COVID-19 information to ALL communities, regardless of language barriers. Share this work with the #Students_Against_COVID or #SACLATION!

Join our Translations Team!

We strive to translate credible scientific content and make our work accessible to many different people around the world. You do not have to be an internal SAC member to join the translations team. 

Other Translated Resources


COVID-19 resources including virtual interpretation services for the regional languages of Pakistan
Multilingual Health:  Instagram / Twitter / Facebook

COVID-19 Health Literacy Project

Translated, accessible COVID-19 information in 35 different languages
to help all patients know when, and how, to seek care.
Materials are created in collaboration with Harvard Health Publishing.

Wake Up Youths Africa

Translated COVID-19 resources in 5 local African languages