Unboxing Crimson Hope


The Period Talk is one of its kind booklet compiled by Medical students from all across the globe with the objective to spread crimson rays of hope for thousands of menstruators who are crushed under the burden of taboos and feel shameful about a natural process.

The booklet will be launched at the last day of the campaign

In collaboration with:

Join us!

As a virtual volunteer

We are opening call for volunteers to help spread the message and take this project on a bigger scale to reach out to more people who need to know about their bodies🌸

As a ground volunteer

With Clinicase Essen as our on-an on-the-ground partners with their health camps conducted across the country, we plan to have an intervention in India foremost and then in other nations to improve awareness of sexual/reproductive health.

Our aim

Curiosity is natural, particularly regarding our body and why we are the way we are.

  • Through this program, we hope to help  provide answers and “crimson hope”, showing you that we are here to help and guide you and listen.
  • We hope to break the stigma and misinformation regarding sexual and reproductive health.
  • We hope to join hands and advocate with you for women’s rights and to their own bodies and freedom to make safe choices.

About "The Period Talk" booklet

The booklet contains everything about menstruation- female reproductive anatomy and physiology, period products available, what could go wrong, when to visit a doctor, gender inclusive menstruation, bursting myths and more.

  • Available in multiple languages.
  • The funds collected throughout this campaign will be used to print the booklet and distribute it in the community!