Tips for crafting your first CV

Tips for crafting your first CV

By Shankhaneel Ghosh

Synergy: A Professional Development Series.

  • Always use a professional email address. Make sure it does not sound silly or childish.
  • Do not write your complete address. It is sufficient to mention your city & country. 
  • Do not make a summary of your achievements / qualification anywhere on your CV.
  • Unless you have more than 10 years of experience in a field, keep your CV limited to a single page.
  • Do not upload your CV with just the name “CV”. You might only have a single CV, but employers receive many 100s of them at once. Always upload your CV file with your name on it. This helps recruiters pick your CV out of a pile. The classic “firstname_lastname CV” is the best format to save and upload your CV. 
  • If you send your CV by email, make sure it is a PDF document, not a Word document. You can never know how a Word document might format itself on the employers’ computer. If and only if you are uploading to an online application that uses resume analysis software can you upload a Word document as well if you wish to. 
  • While proofreading, attempt to read your CV in 10 seconds or less to see what you can get out of it. That’s roughly the initial screen time before someone makes the initial ascent / descent decision, so you need to check where your CV stands from this perspective. 
  • The interest part of your CV is important because it allows the interviewer to contact you, & it allows you to be more than just a CV. So put in some extracurricular activities pertaining to the application.

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