By Jayson B. Abad

Welcome to the world full of lies,
Where it’s good to be fake than being right.
The world that has forgotten its past,
The world that remains unaware of what it was.
Welcome to the world, where only progress is acknowledged and not the killed rainforest.

Is this the world we have been working so hard for?
Is this the world that we should be proud of?
Or  Is this the world that we should look forward to? .

When would we wake up, to the painful truth that truly aches,
Success is what we see,
Yet destruction can never be free.

Government knows, but why do they hide?
Are they nonchalant about saving our mother nature’s life?

The right time was yesterday, but it’s never too late to begin today
Listen to the call of our mother,
Listen to the call of our  home
This is our land, this is our only hope.

Welcome to the world, where people are driven by emotions
Where life matters on the number of reactions you have, where expressions have become the new book of life.

Welcome to the world full of lies
In which sex is just a pleasure thing to relax
Where happiness can be sold by the money they have.

Where equality is almost non-existent
And there’s no such thing as equality,
We are still colonized and never been free
Stop saying democracy, stop saying liberty

We are slaves of our mind.
We are not free
Neither yesterday nor today, not even  now
Because this is the new world,
Where education is a game and is definitely never been about learning
Though everything evolves, yet the system remains.

Welcome to the world full of lies
Where corruption is always alive
This is my story, your story, our story

It’s time. Time for a new beginning!
A revolution should begin.
A new leader must come.
New Generation, this is our time.
That we should be bold, fierce, and strong for our land

Young generation is brave and the bright future, Our generation is meant to be the best. Hopes of the future must be adhered
We are shouting to you people,
You must hear.

Singing the song of angry men
This is the message of the people that can never be drudge again

This is the end of the beginning and the birth of the ending
New world is yet to come,
New stories are yet to be told
This is our story, this is our song.
A step in the direction
To improve and reform the world
Be the catalysts of change in this never changing world.

We will never stop, we will never quit, we will never surrender
Sacrifice is what we need to be able to succeed.

This is our life. This is not the end
This is not the beginning, keep on fighting even though it hurts,
Keep on believing even if it’s a lie
This is the world that we should accept
This is the home, we should never neglect

Be the catalysts of change. Be who you are. Welcome to the world.
My world, your world, our world.

About The Author:

Jayson B. Abad is currently pursuing his BA Degree in Sociology at the Mindanao State University – Iligan Institute of Technology. He is an advocate of sustainable development and believes in closing the gap arising due to the world going digital. He is also actively involved in the youth empowerment in his school and community.