By Moukendi Misenga Pong Song Shin Christine
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Wake up, please move on, I know he would like you to do so.
What is gone never dies, because it still lives inside us
Live now, not just for you but for all the souls that are here
Right next to you, demanding you to live.
Listen, the universe has a gift for you and asked me to bring it to you today,
It told me it’s called PRESENT,
So my dear I came with your present, enjoy your present(today).
Now dance and laugh to the present beat, play to enjoy not to win.
Do not try to fit in their race or walk at their pace,
Try and win your own game.
Do not be scared to be the odd one out, it only makes you bolder & stronger.
Yes, it is true that another pair of eyelids are closed,
Yes it is true that another pair of  hands are cold,
Yes it true that another body is covered,
Yes it is true that another mortuary fridge is full.
Covered from head to toe, with the blue mask on: only half of our faces are seen:
With  it, half our grief, half our suffering, half our pain, but it also holds  half our love.
We all hide behind our mask and pretend day by day that we are fine,
That tomorrow would be better, that we might one day  stand again together less than a meter apart 
Paint the white walls with colors of what we were: long before this pandemic.
Colors of our broken smiles, happy noisy laughter, sudden but unforgettable touch,
Hurt and insisting looks, colors of our crazy but amazing lives.
But until then, let’s live and enjoy nothing but our PRESENT!

About the author:

She is an acrobat at Sarakasi trust, an organization that train professional dancers and acrobat in Nairobi. In her childhood, she wished to be a doctor but the lack of money due to which she found herself in an hospitality managment school and later on in the acrobat training hall in Sarakasi. But writing has always been her companion despite her ups and downs. She believes in writing her pain and joy as well as the beauty of our society, the problems that our community, society, country and continent are facing.