August 2020

A Paracosm: Her Salvation

Walking on the aisle of the lush green meadow,feeling the brush of blooming lavender on the soft skin of her fingertips,straining to hear that exquisite melody the wind whispered to her in secret.the breeze tickling her neck, swaying the curled locks of her golden hair.She gazed at the sun,a blazing furnace,as it emerged from behind

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The Power Of Corona Virus

By: Sabila Siddiqui Its name left buzzing malls empty,sanitizers out of stock,masks and hygiene products booming. It revolutionized responses to sneezes from “bless you” to “get away from me”.It shut down schools and flights bringing governments to its knees. It snatched sleep from health workers,that now risk their lives every day to be the hustle towards the cure

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Pandemic Results in an Outbreak of Social Revelations.

By: Sabila Siddiqui For the first time in history, we can save the human race by lying in front of the tv doing nothing. Let’s not screw this up. It’s a coronavirus pun-demic, dark humor is thriving more than ever, consuming the striking events of this year. But, moving onto the real concerning the topic

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