A Paracosm: Her Salvation

By: Nafeesa Ashraf

Walking on the aisle of the lush green meadow,
feeling the brush of blooming lavender on the soft skin of her fingertips,
straining to hear that exquisite melody the wind whispered to her in secret.
the breeze tickling her neck, swaying the curled locks of her golden hair.
She gazed at the sun,
a blazing furnace,
as it emerged from behind the floating bundles of feathery white clouds,
casting a gilded glow on the sharp edges
of the long jade leaves hugging the crowded tiny buds of lavender. 

Raising her hand to block the angry glare of heat beating down on her face,
she watched,
as the gleaming band on her tanned finger studded with a lone emerald,
shined the beams of blinding light into a myriad of colors
that danced to an unknown beat around her. 

A smile adorned the beautiful curve of her mouth,
as she savored the sweet and sour juices of her favorite cherry popsicle.
A giggle escaped her throat as the red ice threatened to melt away and drip onto the warm soil and the huge black bow of her bumblebee slippers.She was startled as she felt a hand clasp over her mouth,
shattering the enchanting beauty around her.
As she closed her eyes tighter,
the tears started falling,
the knots in her stomach started tightening,
the broken pieces of that exotic view behind her eyelids vanished.

There appeared a memory,
of that crooked smile, hungry eyes.
The lump in her throat swelled as she knew the pain just too well.
She willed the last bit of the meadow and rainbow away from her mind,
for she did not want her colors to get tainted by darkness he emanated.