Pandemic Results in an Outbreak of Social Revelations.

By: Sabila Siddiqui

For the first time in history, we can save the human race by lying in front of the tv doing nothing. Let’s not screw this up.

It’s a coronavirus pun-demic, dark humor is thriving more than ever, consuming the striking events of this year.

But, moving onto the real concerning the topic to be penned; the coronavirus outbreak has been devastating, to that we can all agree. Efforts are being taken to curb the spread of the virus; there are shuttered doors and emptied malls changing lives around us, the economic impact has been severe and is forcing the whole world to transition pushing a dose of digitalization into every field.Global brands have adopted advocacy of distancing through their slogans, such as McDonald’s.

Moreover, the pandemic has highlighted discrepancies & advances.

From countries in which protests were led highlighting their ignorance and attitude as well as the inability of society to follow simple instructions, to having things which our lives revolved around such as work, gym, malls, movies to be tossed out the window, and learned to be lived without. But with soft quarantines in place, social media platforms, and other services are taking on an entirely new valence as the foundation for our everyday lives—becoming a crucial conduit between families, friends, and coworkers, as well as much-needed entertainment and engagement. Additionally, Greta’s spirit has spread across the globe as there have been astonishing pollution cut down and healing of the planet as we all got sent to our rooms. Though the pandemic has led to a possible recession, it led to the bloom of Mother Nature. So, let’s be mindful of our coming actions. 

Check Your Privilege

Social distancing is a privilege. It means you live in a house large enough to practice it while there are many cramped up in a room with many others or don’t even a house to shelter in. 

Hand washing is a privilege too. It means you have access to running, clean water. 

Hand sanitizers are a privilege. It means you have enough money to buy them.

To be safe in lockdown is a privilege. It means you can afford to be safe at home unlike the many victims of domestic abuse that are now trapped with their abusers while supporters scramble to adapt to the rapidly shifting landscape. 

The Internet is a privilege. It means you have access to connection and entertainment. 

Most of these privileges are accessible to the prosperous. In essence, the disease that spread by the rich as they flew around the globe will now kill millions of the poor. 

Combatting Infodemic

As we become more isolated physically, social media and the web are to shoulder much more of the world’s data as more and more people seek timely information. However, social media platforms continue to be a dangerous socio-technical vulnerability in times of confusion and crisis especially with ongoing circulating myths therefore, in a time of much disinformation and misinformation, we need to be careful what content we consume and act on.

In the end, your health is your capital. It is your responsibility to self-isolate to keep the vulnerable people safe and be the support of the many health works that are the frontiers of combatting the disease. 

So play your part; stay safe and stay at home. Spread the word & plank the curve.

Sabila Siddiqui
Sabila Siddiqui

Sabila is a tech-savvy- millennial with a deeply rooted love for words and creativity! She’s currently pursuing Medicine in United Arab Emirates, but you can catch her being prolific about her craft of capturing, editing, illustrating and writing on her blog.

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