by Faatimah Irfaanah Muzammil

You may be trying hard 

To make it happen, 

You may be sitting awake, 

Working quite often, 

You might take it step by step, 

Yet it is a process meant to be intent, 

You may be seemingly ready and up to fight,

Yet even when it’s still taking time, 

Just don’t give up before it’s time to shine.

When the accomplishments seems far, 

When you feel dejected, tired or stuck like some bottled jar, 

When you are trying hard to win battles, 

When you are at the brink of demotivation, 

Stand up yet again, don’t give up, stay in motion and keep yourself alive.

Reminded I am of the lesson the king learnt, 

After losing battles when his heart cried and he wanted to give up, 

Almighty sent  him in the cave a tiny spider leading his way

As a mighty teacher, who climbed and fell from the cave. 

Not once but several times, 

Still managing to succeed to make his web everytime, 

Then the king was rejuvenated with the phrase, don’t give up and so he won the next battle set.

Often we are hurt by opinions of others, 

We yearn for validation from peers, 

At every step we stand to rebuild our confidence, 

At every meeting, a new stranger to please, 

Whatever may it be, it is important to not give up which is the key. 

Often quoted, “fortune favors the brave”, 

But remember bravery encompasses mental and emotional strength along with physical strength 

It’s not that we begin to take hasty decisions or suddenly rush for things, 

It’s about being rationale, judging correctly and staying confident with motivated wings, 

If It’s not easy yet but it isn’t that difficult either, 

So stay on your track with faith in Almighty, a little patience and lot of hope, 

Just don’t give up folks and stay motivated and positive

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