Mental Health In The Times Of COVID

By Faatimah Maryam Muzammil

Stepping out of the house to buy groceries now involves an array of new steps.

Step 1 – Wearing a mask,
Step 2 – Never forget to wear gloves and,
Step 3- Maintain Social distancing.

Every individual had numerous ideas with respect to what the year 2020 would look like but not one of us, even in our wildest dreams would have imagined living life in the midst of the COVID pandemic .

With schools and colleges having adapted to distant learning for the last few months, the effects on the mental health of students is as visible as day. The students have not been able to meet their friends and are missing out on all the play time and fun that they used to have together.

The stress on adults in terms of working online is another issue which mustn’t be neglected.These adults face the task of leaving their most efficient method of work i.e., working at office & are forced to work with technology as their tool today.

For their own safety people had to practice social distancing to limit the spread of the vicious virus. This social distancing equates to no more handshakes, hugs, fist bumps and hangouts with their best friends.

Well, let us all take a moment and reiterate that while we still need to continue social distancing, we must remember not to socially isolate ourselves. We are living in the 21st century where to aid communication, we can use video calls to talk at length and see our family and friends.

This year when we all are at homes, let us take these moments to make an attempt to develop new passions and learn new skills. These skills could range from cooking, learning new video games, painting, sketching, writing, embroidery and almost anything you have ever wanted to learn.

It’s also a great time to spend it to develop your hobbies and unwind as we are often so busy in life that we keep on complaining about the lack of time almost every single day. So, now when we finally have time, let us use it to enjoy and make the most of the situation we are in.

We should also try organising movie nights for our family and watch movies. Another way to have fun in the midst of this pandemic, is by organising game nights with our friends. This could be achieved by downloading any multiplayer game on your phone and inviting them to play it. These games can help us to improve bonding with our friends and also relieve stress.

We should all also aim to introduce 30 minutes of exercise per day for ourselves. This is not only imperative for fitness and physical health but also plays a crucial role in mental health. Exercising makes our body release chemicals called endorphins, which help our bodies to relieve pain, reduce emotional stress, and even offer an overall sense of well-being.

Life is all about experiences. Think of the year 2020 as one such experience and let it pass. And while we all continue to have foods and drinks with immunogenic properties for our physical health, we should remember that our mental health is of prime significance.

About the author:
Faatimah Maryam Muzammil is a citizen of UAE and resident of India who is studying in her 2nd year MBBS in UAE.