Me, You, Us vs COVID

Me, You, Us

“Is it over yet?”

By Samantha Simboo

Covid-19, lockdown, pandemic, and death.
I’m patiently waiting for the day when I can ask “is it over yet?”
Fascinating that a microscopic virus can cause a global crisis,
Where life and the new normal is now confined to electronic devices;

But why is it that something so small can belittle us to this extent?
Is this nature’s punishment?
For we humans continue to destroy the earth day by day:
Pollution, animal cruelty, crime… you name it- we do it every day.

Maybe this virus is here to  teach us some life lessons;
Firstly, that nature is more powerful than any man or weapons;
Moreover, this is the opportunity to appreciate friends and family,
Forget the ego, have a real conversation, it’ll make you both happy;
Secondly , maybe this is the way for us to learn to be patient,
Life will continue with time, with education and vaccination
It will not happen overnight but would rather take years,

The sad reality is that it’s causing more harm than a wake-up call;
Poverty, jobs uncertainty , failing relationships… and that’s not all.
For us, the repetition of being home all day is driving us insane;
No travelling and the lack of a social life equals a mental drain.


But what can we do apart from waiting, waiting and waiting;
We don’t have a choice, and really it is very frustrating!
If only time could fast forward few years ahead,
Would Covid-19 pretty much be dead? 

It’s a global wish, hope, and prayer,
We can’t go on like this for another year!

Samantha is currently a full time, 4th year student, registered for the Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery (M.B.B.S.) Degree Programme in the Faculty of Medical Sciences at The University of the West Indies, St Augustine Campus. She is expected to complete her degree in June 2022.