Education in COVID-19

Education during COVID-19

“Amidst every difficulty lies an opportunity.”

By Elisha Chophla


Everyone is well aware that Guns might kill terrorists but a pen in right hands can kill terrorism! No doubt that the pandemic has changed our lives most importantly  the education system. From being physically present in class, giggling with our friends, and being scolded by teachers, … to each one of us now being confined to our rooms sitting in front of laptop & mobile screens for hours at a stretch and even attending our classes at our leisure, it’s definitely an era of technology. From teachers asking us to be silent in the classroom to  ensuring that we speak up if she is audible in e-classes; all of this indicates the changing times that not only the school buildings are now  closed but even pushing teachers towards  working  harder,  coping up with the technology to provide us quality education. Indubitably a child, a book, and a teacher can make the world better.

All of us are caged inside our homes, not being able to get a visa on our passports to travel the world, however, the process of learning never stops because education is that key that unlocks the world and is the passport to freedom.

“Amidst every difficulty lies an opportunity.” With online education, we got a chance to pursue our hobbies alongside studies, which was earlier difficult for some of us. For teachers, the saying, …“Learning never stops” has come true & this shift to  technology in order to match the pace of this tech savvy generation is one such moment. 

But sitting isolated in a room instead of being in a classroom full of children, laughing together, and having fun with studies is sometimes disheartening.

The current situation reminds me of a chapter I once read about the fun people used to have while going to school, reading real books and coming home with friends, playing in school grounds and doing homework together and the future generations were taught by robot teachers. I didn’t know such a time would come so quickly , not really being taught by robot teachers but the virtual world has become the new reality. 

Earlier, I found online teaching interesting and exciting as it was a break from our monotonous routine but now I wish we get back to school at the earliest and enjoy our school lives!!