Realise, Relax and Retreat

Article by Shreyjit Kaur

Ever since the pandemic of COVID-19 hit the world, there seems to be no end to its longevity. The never-ending quarantine that the pandemic has left us with, seems to have created a myriad of turmoils and discord inside each one of us.

With each passing day, the effects of COVID 19 on various aspects of health are regularly studied. The aspect which it inconspicuously affects is the ‘Mental Health’.

The loneliness and isolation that comes with the quarantine triggers the once-hidden depressive thoughts and emotional instability. Having quality talks with the family and loved ones can help to dispel the gloominess. It is only kind and helpful to regularly check upon our loved ones and be responsive to their emotional needs. The idea of quarantine should be to reside alone, not exist alone.

On the other hand, living in isolation can help to give you an insight to your inner self. The fast-paced life that once clutched your aspirations and realisations deep-down inside, can break free to come afloat. What better way to form a connection between your inner and outer self than to introspect and soliloquize!

This is in fact, the best time to come to terms with your own real identity, resolve your inner conflicts and break-free your thoughts and aspirations. Watching the rain and the lightning during the monsoon, just procured a realisation that even clouds can’t hold their ‘angst’ for long. So why hold your thoughts and aspirations? Let them traverse the universe and come back to you re-shaped.

Look at the sunrise and watch the sunset. The sky is painted in the best hues of red, orange and yellow; putting up a beautiful backdrop for the birds flying and trees swaying. We yearn to travel places across the world, but for once pause and explore the beauty of the nature around you. Give your eyes and heart that pleasure! It will dawn on you that in this standstill; only nature is moving, at her own rhythmic pace.

Living the life in ‘slow motion’, aids us to  perceive it with depth and live it with gratitude, such that :

“Every breath mingles with the scent of nature,

Every heartbeat resonates with the voice of the eternal truth-of-life.”

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