My innovative solution to fight COVID-19

by Danicca Bajaj

The novel coronavirus has posed a dangerous threat to people and has human lives hampering the day to day activities to a T. However, we should understand that even after the preparation of a successful COVID-19 vaccine, the virus won’t be eradicated completely, therefore, I propose a solution for it.  We all have used old clothes at home which have to be discarded after some time, these clothes then can be used again by converting them into yarn.

The process of converting any used cloth to a new yarn requires the solvent to turn fabrics into pulp; after which it gets released through a fine filter and spun into fiber.  So if the future vaccination or medication against the virus could then be integrated into the fiber, then we might have a COVID resistant fiber which can then be made into protective fabrics. The new fiber could then be converted into another yarn & then to the final fabric. These fabrics then can be stitched into COVID resistant, comfortable and easy to wear, cheap and easily available clothes.  These fabrics can then be made into masks or daily clothes to wear. These clothes should be washable so that it’s easily reusable. 

If priced at the right price, these items could then be made easily available in urban, rural, and remote areas as well.  This will promote sustainability along with our health and safety. All of the money collected from this initiative can be given to the government which can then be utilized for the further research and the welfare of the society. A good share of these funds can also be allocated to the factories that will work for this practice of reusing clothes as protective shields. Until an effective vaccine is made, we all should definitely practice rigorous social distancing. We should wear masks and face shields whenever we travel outside our homes for not just our safety but also for all the people around us.

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